There are some pretty alarming statistics out there concerning the eventual weight-gain following successful weight-loss. However real these statistics may be is debatable, but they are concerning none the less. I read as high as 90% of people will regain all of the pounds lost within five years. And I think I can see why.

Jono's Loss

As some of you who are regular readers may have seen, my activity level since September has been pretty stagnant. After the Triathlon in the summer, I took a decent amount of time off. Since then I've been battling some lingering health annoyances which has delayed my glorious return to the top of the AFP charts. But the real problem is this: I am still eating like I am training for a triathlon. I am not training for a Triathlon.

chart (2)


I think this is probably a pretty common reason why people gain weight back. They get used to their new level activity, which is typically not at a long term sustainable level. Everyone needs a break sometimes. But while we are at that high level of activity, we eat more and more to keep up with the increased calorie needs. Once the training goes back to normal, or in my case nonexistent, it's pretty difficult to readjust incoming calories accordingly. To be honest, I rather liked being able to eat as much as I want.

The one benefit I have though is this blog. I at least can identify the issue, and see the trends. Each wednesday my weight is thrust back into my consciousness.

I also know how to beat it too. My good old pal calorie counting is making its return back into my life. I know how effective it really is, and how easy it can be with all this new-fangled technology. Feel free to become my friend on MyFitnessPal once again!