Everyone is always complaining about the winter. It’s too cold, it won’t stop snowing, I have no place to run outside, the ice is dangerous, etc. While I am, admittedly, pretty sick of winter as well, I can still appreciate some aspects, like winter sports! photo

I started downhill skiing when I was in sixth grade and I love it. I went out a lot during high school and winters breaks from college, and have been trying to get out once a year or so since. Yesterday, Jeff and I were lucky enough to get up to Stratton Mountain in Vermont with my parents for a fun day in the snow.

This winter has been miserable in terms of weather, so I was a little nervous when we were planning the trip, but we lucked out with a nice sunny day with a high of 41! This was my first day out skiing this year, and it was great! We got in a lot of nice runs and it felt great to just be outside, not resenting the snow.

Getting out for a day skiing reminded me that activity and exercise doesn’t have to just be thirty minutes out of your day. It doesn’t have to be a block of time that is a requirement for health, that you kind of resent. It can be fun too. Having a more active lifestyle overall is my real goal here, it’s just going to take some hard work to get to a healthy place in terms of my weight. Hard work will payoff in the end, and having the energy to go out and spend a full day digging into that fresh powder will make it worth it!