If you asked me a month ago, "Suz, have you ever tried a kale smoothie?" My response would have been "Heck no! That sounds disgusting and that stuff is for hippies!".  Thanks to the cleanse we did a month back, Mike and I have kale smoothies on the regular breakfast rotation at the Bohson household. This breakfast smoothie packs a big punch of nutritional benefits. Kale is known for aiding in digestion and elimination with its great fiber content. It’s also filled with so many nutrients, vitamins, folate and magnesium. (Check all the health benefits of Kale here) We all know spinach is good for us, or at least thats what Popeye told us when we were kids. Spinach contains antioxidants, vitamin K,  B vitamins, minerals, plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids, etc. You get the point. The benefits of these two powerfoods are paired with some delicous banana and mango to give you one great breakfast. This one will get you through your morning right up until lunch time with out a growling stomach.


Makes 2 smoothies


4 leaves of Kale, remove leaves from stem
10 chunks of frozen mango ( 5 for each smoothie)
1 banana, cut in half
2 tbsp of almond butter, perferably organic
handful of spinach per smoothie
3/4 cup of low fat almond milk per smoothie
1 ice cube per smoothie if enjoying right away


1) Remove kale leaves from stems. 2 leaves per smoothie. I made my 2 smoothies in 2 seperate batches. Depends on your blenders capabilites.

20140227-202530.jpg       20140227-202518.jpg

2) Place 2 kale leaves into  blender. Toss in a handful of fresh spinach.




3) Place half of the banana in the blender. Pour in 3/4 cup of low fat almond milk. Blend together on low speed. You may need to readjust ingredients with a wooden spoon so all ingredients are blended well. Add ice cube if enjoying right away.

20140227-202454.jpg        20140227-202440.jpg

4) Add 1 tbsp of almond butter and 5 chunks of frozen of mango. Blend together well.




5)Pour smoothie into a glass and enjoy. Or place in fridge overnight and enjoy for breakfast.


Eat Fit Not Fat- Kale and Mango Smoothie- Approx 300 calories per serving and endless health benefits 🙂