This is the second installment of the Interview with the AFP leaders segment by Brooks. Enjoy!

400577_799859119261_655958067_nQ: Physical activity has become a big part of your family’s life and you have repeatedly conquered the leader board at 2FNS, was fitness and sports a part of your life growing up?

A. Scott: Not really!  Actually, I shouldn’t say that, we played tennis, we went skiing, bike riding, it was never competition level, or anything to keep track of.  It was more playing and games.  Touch football in the street and that kind of thing.   But I never ran a whole mile.  We’d go on a fifty mile bike ride though.

Q: Do you feel that December was a victory because of your success or the holiday laziness of others?

A. Scott: A little of both.  I stuck with it, but I didn’t excel.  If you look at my numbers, it wasn’t a stellar month, it wasn’t laziness but people were busy and there was bad weather.

Q: What are your 2014 fitness goals?

A. Scott: I want to do the Boston (B.A.A) Medley with Adrienne, I want to do the Boilermaker, I want to do one triathlon, but I haven’t decided which one yet, and I want to increase the amount of time I can run and just get faster.  Cover more ground in less time.

Q: I hear you have Lent diet plans?  How are you planning for success?

A. Scott: It’s really a simple thing: you can’t eat cookies, you can’t eat candy, and you can’t eat cookies with candy on top of them.  Mostly, it’s nothing with sugar, nothing with added sugar.  I have to go cold turkey, I have to completely give it up.  As soon as you eat some sugar it triggers the need for more.  I have to hide things so I forget where they are in the house.  My goal is to drop about 10 pounds.  You can run easier if you aren’t carrying as much when you run.

Q: You have been doing triathlon training lately, what tips do you have for success, for others in training?

A. Scott: Well given that I came in virtually last in the

[Old Forge] triathlon, I‘m not sure that my tips for success are all that valuable.  But just basically ‘do it’.  The brick training is important – 2 of the events together – try to do two of them and each time you train try to do it.

Q: Are you doing any transition training?

A. Scott: I am not doing transition training yet.  But my goal is to not have to sit down and maybe not have to take a coffee break in between.

Q: You had serious weight loss recently, obviously this has been a big lifestyle change for you, but what is the most positive effect of this change?

A. Scott: I got to get new clothes and generally better health.  I can walk a lot faster than Donna, she used to drag me around the block now I drag her around the block.

Q: How has 2FNS helped you to achieve your fitness goals?

A. Scott: It helps to be a part of a group that’s trying to do the same thing.  Not as much competing, but participating and endorsing the efforts of people you care about.  I get to try to be a part of the effort they are doing, Jono and Adrienne trying to lose weight and Donna maintaining her perfect figure.