Personally, and I think many of you would agree with me, the hardest part of working out and sticking to a training schedule is integrating workouts into your hectic schedule. If you're like me, your schedule is constantly changing, and I find periods of transition very difficult in regards to making sure my workouts stay prioritized.

I started a new job at a medical journal this week. And while I'm very excited for this new opportunity in a field that I am more comfortable in than my previous position, this week has been hard. New beginnings are stressful. I have new coworkers, new duties, a new commute, and new hours. I, somewhat optimistically, have declared myself henceforth a "morning person," and committed to a 7am-3:30pm shift at my new office. Anyone who knows me will finds this laughable, as I am notorious for sleeping each night as if I were in a coma, could easily sleep through lunch if given the opportunity, and am known to have full conversations while completely unconscious. I weighed the pros and cons of working a regular 9-5 through the summer, and decided waking at the crack of dawn is the way to go. This is all well and good for my upcoming summer afternoons, but this week, my body is completely in shock. Each morning when my alarm goes off at 5:30, everything inside me is just confused, but I'm sure that, in time, I will adjust. All of this is a long winded apology to you, and myself, for neglecting my workouts this week.

The Good News: My new office shares a building with a branch of the gym I already have a membership with. I will literally have to walk past the gym to go home, and it is really humiliating if I don't stop by for at least some time. The gym also has a pool, so the workout gods are really trying to make my life impossibly easy; I just need to give in to their flirtations.


what Boston looks like in the morning, who knew?

Something Good I Have Been Doing While Neglecting My Training: Dieting! OK,OK, I know! I said I never would. But I don't actually call what I've been doing dieting. I am using My Fitness Pal again to track my calorie intake, and am shutting my mouth when I hit my target for the day. It's been a good way to recalculate how much food (or how little food) I really need during the day. And it's been helpful with preventing weight gain while my running has been temporarily moved to the back burner. I have felt so much better. I am less sluggish and my perpetual stomach ache have essentially disappeared. More veggies, please!

What I Gave Up For Lent: I know you're dying to know. I gave up fried food, binge drinking, and Uber (an app on your phone where you can easily call a taxi and have it automatically charged to your credit card: a really expensive form of perpetuating laziness). Cheers!