It has come to my attention that there is a half marathon, greater than all previous half marathons before it. This one lets you finish at the 50 yard line of the Buffalo Bills Stadium.

The Fifty Yard Finish Half Marathon at the end of June has easily the coolest of all cool race perks. See yourself on the Jumbotron fighting your way across Ralph Wilson Stadium to finish to the roar of the crowd (or at least your parents).

I've been trying to make a solid running plan for the Spring and Summer. My original intention was to do the full Buffalo Marathon, but due to some nagging ailments I've decided to cut my losses and not attempt such an undertaking at less than 100%. Instead, I've decided to look around for other exciting opportunities, including a rematch with the Boilermaker.

[Side Note, Registration for the Boilermaker opens on Saturday the 22nd, at noon and WILL fill up fast.] I was all set to register to do a repeat of the Buffalo marathon, when a co-worker suggested I look at the Bills 50 yard finish. She had me at Bills.


If anyone wants to take part, leave a comment! It would be a blast to make a group effort out of this one. There is an available 5k too!!!