Recently I started going to a physical therapist to alleviate some nagging discomfort, and, in doing so, I've learned a couple of good stretches that I wanted to share. They are probably really good for anyone like me who spends 90 percent of their life behind a computer hunched over in a dark room.

The first is the Kneeling Thoracic Ball Roll Out.
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At first I was a little skeptical of this one, but it has already made a huge difference in just a few days. I can feel my chest and back releasing a lot of pent-up stress, but more importantly there is the added benefit of toning my tricpes! No More Bingo Arms! (I may have learned about this rather rude term today, and I find it hilarious . . . I'm a  bad person).  I do this twice a day, 10 reps for 10 seconds each.


Its almost like a plank, so it engages your core too. Not bad for a pretty simple workout. I have a rolling chair at work that is a pretty good height for me, so I am able to get this exerices done in the office when no one is looking . . . or at least when I hope they aren't looking.

The second stretch is the Pectoralis Minor Stretch

This stretches out your shoulder blades and pectoral muscles, and I've found that it does a pretty good of loosening me up. It's probably a good exercise for runners, as we use our arms quite a bit.


My schedule is to do this stretch twice a day, 3 reps for 30 seconds each. As strange as it may be, I get my first session in during my morning shower because I figure it's as good a time as any to stretch out my back!

As I find more fun stretches, I'll post those too, because I'm sure everyone sitting behind a desk for any length of time could benefit from doing some of these.