One time someone asked me if I would ever eat a leftover salad. Like, would I ever eat half of a salad and save the rest for a midnight snack. I quickly responded, absolutely not, because I would never have a salad to begin with, let alone leftovers. Every salad you eat is a missed opportunity for experiencing a really great sandwich. 

Oh boy, am I eating those words now. Or more accurately, I am eating salad. 

I've been running and pretty dedicated to getting healthier and more in shape since I took on more responsibility writing on a regular basis here at 2 Fat Nerds (in October). Between October and the end of February, I lost about 5 pounds and trained to being able to comfortable run three miles. I was happy with where I was, but with my ambitious racing season coming up, I know that I need to start shedding pounds if I ever want to increase my speed while running. Exercise alone is not enough to lose weight. 

So I started counting calories. I'm using My Fitness Pal again, and have been since the beginning of March. The way the app works, is by running a calculation based on your weight and average activity load, combined with your weight loss goal, to allot a daily number of calories. You then log your food and additional exercise into the app. Once you hit your calorie quota, you just stop eating. It's pretty simple, and the math really works out. 

In the three weeks since I've been counting, I've lost eight pounds. I am still eating all of the foods that I love, just a heck of a lot less. I feel so much better, and my appetite has really diminished. I am now craving vegetables all the time, and the salad that I eat every day at lunch fills me up like a bowl of pasta used to. It's genuinely amazing. 


It's amazing what three weeks of calorie counting can look like!

This little spiel here is just meant to be a little kick of inspiration to anyone who is looking for the next step or a new angle to kick off some weight loss. Spring is here (even if the weather in Boston hasn't figured it out) and that means summer is coming. Now is the time to get in shape so we can do all of the fun things that come with warmer weather! Losing weight is all math. Burn more calories, consume less calories, and there is no way you won't start to lose that unwanted winter weight.