This past weekend was beautiful. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I was smiling because I ran my first-ever 5k in under 40 minutes! I am a slow runner, it's not a secret. I have never really been focused on getting faster, just getting out there and gradually increasing my distance. I have been following a Hal Higdon training for the 10k coming up in June, and on it, he writes for the novice crowd: It's not about speed, walk if you have to, but go the whole distance.

Jeff and I went out to run Saturday morning and we quickly realized we were overdressed. I ended up having to take off the jacket I had assumed I would need, having been used to winter running. Running in the sun was wonderful. Jeff set the pace, going a little bit faster than I normally do, and I tried my hardest to keep up, widening my stride when I could. I finished the run without walking, and without ever thinking, "oh, maybe I should stop." I did what everyone has been telling me to do: I just ran. I kept running, and I ended up finishing the 3.1 miles with a smile on my face.


It feels great knowing that I can do this, and without ripping my hair out. This will be my third year running the B.A.A. 5k, and the first year I trained for it. The past two years I signed up with the best of intentions, and ended up walking the majority of the race. That will not be me this year. I am 15 pounds lighter, and 200% more serious. I'm excited and ready to show everyone how hard I have been working!

It's pretty cool to be able to look back to when I started my Couch to 5k in October, and despite the cold, snowy winter, I made it to Spring being able to run the whole distance. I am looking forward to next October, when I finish my half marathon and can look back to this Spring; to where it started, and know that I truly can do anything I set my mind to. I can do it.