This past Saturday my wife, parents and I all took part in the annual Buffalo Undy run. This was the second time we took part in this race, and I am happy to report that our times were successfully recorded this year!

The day was a little ... well :


We were absolutely soaked. Despite that though, both of my parents were able to shatter their previous personal records at the 5k. My dad pulled his time to a mind-blowing 26:59. This was an insane improvement of 4 minutes and 30 seconds from last years race. My mom also did extremely well, breaking the 38 mark, with a time of 37:59. Absolutely awesome! Ellie proved to be an awesome pacer, and set the pace to get us there, coming in at 26:58.

Overall, these little local races are pretty enjoyable. It is kind of thrilling to be able to line up right behind the "elite runners" on the start line, and pretend to keep up with them for the first hundredth of a mile before they easily created some distance.

The course was as expected, once around the park with a slight detour into the Parkside neighborhood. I must admit, there isn't a ton of cheering people lining the sides of the course, but it was also 40 degrees and raining. With only a few hundred people running in total, the field does spread out quite a bit too.

Overall, it was a great 5k, and although the weather is a little tricky in April, I think this race may be a great way to open up the race season in Buffalo for us.