I was really holding off on doing this post until I had great photographic evidence, as well as official race times . . . but alas I do not (nor prolly will have) either of these things. So even still, I wanted to post a huge shout out to the work crew who raced on Friday.

A few times a week, i've regularly been running with three of my co-workersconspirators. Each of us have a different athletic level, ranging from me who have completed a couple of half marathons, to a soccer player all throughout high-school and college to those just getting their feet wet in 5k races. It's been an absolute blast running with them, and a huge boost to our general happiness at work.

We signed up for our local Greek Fest 5k, and on Friday we all lined up together to run as a team. Our general times finishing 5ks in our weekly training run was a not-to-shabby 35 minutes. We typically ran a loop around Buffalo that was both scenic and offered a little variety.

On Friday we decimated our training paces.

All of us finished around the thirty minute mark. Ellie was a great pacer for the lead runners, and everyone blew away whatever goals they had. Monica actually took first place in her age group, the hyper-competitive 25-30 age bracket with a time of just a little over 22 minutes. Congrats!

Additionally, Maria completed her first ever 5k race, and got to cross the finish line with her kids in hot pursuit. It was a great sight to see.

The race was fantastic, followed up with a great Greek dinner. Who could complain?  I am eagerly awaiting the next race on our slate, in the Corporate Challenge, which will hopefully prove to be just as fun for everyone as this past weekend was. Congrats everyone!