To be honest, training hasn't gone well.  Between the two-week long cold that completely obliterated me, to the raging ear infection that closely followed that I am just now dealing with using modern antibiotics, I can honestly say that I am not feeling great about the effort put forward thus far toward training for this race.

On the bright side of things, we still managed to run seven miles on saturday morning, doing a little bit more than what we set out to do. I have a habit of always wanting to push down to the Buffalo Harbor and Canalside, which is by far one of the more fun places to visit in the city during the summer. Each and every time we go there is huge progress on the whole Hockey Heaven buildings, and it seems like there is always something going on down there. Saturday it was the location for a massive Bicycle-Race/Ride on the Skyway. Pretty cool.

This training block  has been pretty schizophrenic, largely due to illness, but also because I've been running with some co-workers at work too. It's an absolute blast, but balancing work deadlines across multiple people means on some days when we have planned it, it doesn't always pan out. It shifts days around more than I am used to, making consistency an issue. On top of that, I am blown away about how sore I get from playing Frisbee on Mondays. It makes for a rough go Tuesdays.

In between plays at Frisbee

In between plays at Frisbee

Hopefully we can hit our groove over the next five weeks, and get plenty of runs done in the hot and humid weather to prepare ourselves.

Saturday's long run reaffirmed that we can do it, it's going to suck, but we can do it.  Rematch here we come.