Last Friday,  Ellie and I finally took up a long-standing offer from a friend of ours Zac to try out indoor climbing. We had both been once or twice before, but not for many years. I had a healthy skepticism of my ability to make it up the wall, but putting that aside, we gave it an honest effort.

Boy was I blown away with Ellie's abilities. She tackled every wall she attempted, even ones with horizontal overhangs with hard-to-reach grabs. She absolutely crushed it. Her body-weight to strength ratio is clearly in her favor.

IMG954311IMG958077Depending on the camera angle, climbing can look epic. But in context . . . not so much.


Zac made it look dumb-easy. It was not.

I am happy to report though, we survived, and had an absolute blast. We are planning to go semi-regularly. My upper-body muscles woke up, and have been complaining ever since. I can tell you that this workout is far more fun then lifting weights at the gym, and if the guys at the climbing center are any indication of how ripped you can get by climbing, sign me up.

Thanks again to Zac and the other climbers, who were more than happy to share their guest passes with us. It's great to see that other communities of people, much like runners, are just genuinely happy people who want to share the activity that they are passionate about.