An old tradition at the blog was to introduce a new type of challenge each month. The idea was to challenge each other, and ourselves into being more active, submitting more workouts, and achieve greater things. We've crisscrossed the country twice, had everyone over 100 AFP for many weeks in a row,  and had a massive team chain-game attempt. After a couple of extended, more difficult months, we took a bit of a break from this.

July - The Variety Challenge

My idea for July, and to reintroduce Challenges to the blog is to see how many unique workout types we can submit as a group, as well as individually.  The tracking system has 40+ workouts available, most of which never get the proper love that they deserve. In July, let's try to knock them all out!

How It Works

When working out, try new things! If you have an opportunity to go Kayaking, or Tandem-Biking, or whatever the heck comes up, go for it! If you come across a workout that isn't in the system, post a comment and it will be added too! Each Wednesday I'll post the full list of what was done, and what remains to be accomplished. 

Who is brave enough to Belly Dance?!

Who is brave enough to Belly Dance?!


Literally everyone that submits a workout will be counted, so you can't get out of it, so you might as well contribute and spice things up a little bit.

The challenge will start on July 1st, and run the length of the month. I think we can actually get them all done too, so let's make it happen. I'll try to figure out a fun widget to put on the blog showing all of the workouts that haven't been submitted yet too, to help guide our efforts.