As promised, the July challenge has started. I wanted to lay out all of the available workouts, and what we have done, as compared to what is still available for submission.

Still Available

CardioClass Skiing Snowmobiling
Boxing Snowboarding WaterAerobics
Stairs Kayaking Volleyball
Dancing Canoeing Cross-CountrySkiing
Hockey Rollerblading StationaryBike
IceSkating NordicWalking InclinedWalk
Jumprope Rowing TreadmillWalk
Kettlebell Snowshoeing
MartialArts SaunaSitting
P90X TouchFootball
Racquetball SkateBoarding
RockClimbing Surfing
Squash ShovelingSnow
StepMachine BellyDancing

Seasonally Challenging...


ArcTrainer Soccer
Bocce Softball
Calisthenics Swimming
CircuitTraining TaiChi
Cycling Tennis
Elliptical TreadmillRun
Golf UltimateFrisbee
Hiking Walking
HouseCleaning WeightTraining
Insanity YardWork
Paintball Yoga
Pilates Zumba


Not too bad so far! Lets get as many as we can done! I'd love to see pictures posted and shared with us too, to our instagram and twitter @2FatNerds !