Much like Shakira's, my hips don't lie.

While browsing an article about how the German National Soccer Team trains, #Mannschaft #SCHLAND, I jumped to one of the links talking about different training routines that they follow. One of them being dedicated completely to strengthening the hip joints and muscles. Needless to say, Brandon and I immediately sprang up from our desks and gave our best efforts to do a T-Hip Rotation.

I immediately fell over, kicked a chair into the wall and caused quite the commotion. He was a little bit more talented.

I learned something pretty immediately though, my hips are incredibly inflexible and generally weak. While I have pretty good linear strength, which I assume comes from running,  any type of rotation or twisting exposes me to general uncomfortableness.

Her hips really don't lie.

Her hips really don't lie.

I feel like the hip joints, and muscles are generally overlooked when it comes to training. No one goes out and says, "Okay BROS, today is a HIP day." I just don't see that happening.

The hip is arguably the most important structural element in our bodies, responsible for supporting our upper body's weight through an incredible range of motion, be it sitting, walking or running. Pretty important to this whole fitness thing we are trying to accomplish.

Some Fun Facts about  Hips:

  • 17 muscles work to form your range of motion in the hips.
  • Doesn't fully fuse together until 14-16 years old
  • Has the second largest range of motion (damn shoulders!)
  • The Grande Odalisque features a spine and  hip rotation beyond plausibility.
  • It controls the Pelvic Inclination Angle.

Moral of the story, work out those hips! Feel free to follow this link to a bunch of helpful videos featuring some great hip workouts!