Hi there! Here at 2 Fat Nerds, Wednesdays are usually Weigh-In Days, where each week you get to suck up your pride and either publicly or privately track your weight-loss, weight-gain, or weight-maintenance progress. We love Weigh-In Wednesday because it's a regularly scheduled check-in to make sure all of our goals are on track. It isn't necessary to weigh yourself every day, or healthy for that matter, because little fluctuations will probably drive you crazy. But week to week, it's pretty cool to see your trends in the Tracking System!


If you're new to the site, I encourage you to set up a profile, because even if you aren't looking to lose weight, or actively working towards a goal, logging your workouts here will help you see a more accurate picture of your overall fitness, and areas where you might be able to improve.  When you have the data, you can analyze it! How fun!


Weigh-In Wednesday is on vacation this week, because its summer, and everyone (even our scales) deserve a holiday. Don't let this freedom go to your heads, we'll be back next week with big numbers, and a look at how we did during our July Challenge.