Typically on Wednesdays, we do a full weigh-in post, looking at all of the statistics from the previous week. Unfortunately, and fortunately, we are all (as in my family) are on vacation with limited computer access, thus . . . no weigh-ins or posts.

I never really appreciated just how connected I was to technology. Going a solid week disconnected (for the most part) from the world was pretty . . . relaxing. I didn't worry about missing texts, as my whole family was there with me. I didn't miss any important phone calls, or work emails. Nothing mattered except crushin 'gansets on the beach.

We were pretty active all week on the Cape, with games of Ultimate Frisbee, hiking through the woods and trail running, swimming in the lakes, walking along the bay and ocean, and canoeing around the ponds. I kept track on my garmin occasionally, but I didn't really worry about it if I missed it. It was nice just to hang out and have fun. An un-quantified life, if just for a week, was just what the doctor ordered.

Last campfire of our vacation!

Last campfire of our vacation!

It was exciting to see everyone take part in the activities too, my sister played the full hour of Ultimate Frisbee, not once complaining about being tired. She took names and kicked butt. It was a ton of fun to watch. My parents walked for hours, Mike and Suz did their HIIT workouts, and Dave swam all over the place. #HealthyChangesEverything.

We will be getting back on track tomorrow here, so get those workouts in! We will skip this weeks weigh-in, and have a super-duper one next week.