The July challenge, though we came up short, was still a success! We submitted 32 unique workout types as a group, including the following:

ArcTrainer Insanity Tai Chi
Bocce Kettlebell Tennis
Calisthenics Paintball TreadmillRun
Canoeing PickleBall Ultimate Frisbee
Cardio Class Pilates Walking
Circuit Training Qigong Water Aerobics
Cycling Running Weight Training
Elliptical Soccer Yard Work
Golf Softball Yoga
Hiking Stairs Zumba
House Cleaning Swimming


Though we didn't get quite a few as well! Granted a lot of these are a little harder to do in the summer . . .

Boxing Skiing Shoveling Snow
Dancing Snowboarding Belly Dancing
Hockey Kayaking Snowmobiling
Ice Skating Roller blading Volleyball
Jumprope Nordic Walking Water Skiing
Martial Arts Rowing Tubing
P90X Snow shoeing Cross-Country Skiing
Racquetball Sauna Sitting StationaryBike
Rock Climbing Touch Football InclinedWalk
Squash Skate Boarding TreadmillWalk
Step Machine Surfing


I believe there was some expressed interest to continue the challenge to see if we can get the rest done, so i'll continue pulling the statistics down every so often until we can as a team get some of these done.  I'd love to see us accomplish it in 2014!