Right before vacation, I agreed to take part in a Push-up Challenge program, where the end goal of 7 weeks of labor would result in 100 consecutive push-ups. Though I was slightly derailed by vacation, I am recommiting myself to the program, mainly to avoid owing Brandon and his wife dinner at an adequately fancy Buffalo eatery.

The concept of the program is pretty simple. On the first day, you do as many as possible until fatigue. Then based on your strength, or in my case, lack thereof, you follow along the program which instructs how many push-ups per set, and how many sets. After a few weeks, you do another as many as possible test, and reconfigure which track to follow. Theoretically with dedication, I will become an upper-body guru in-no-time.

If you are interested in giving it a shot, we are following the hundredpushups.com program . . . which though the website and apps are pretty terrible, the program seems alright. I use the pocket-printout guide because it is both free and functional.

Let me know if you decide to take part, and how it goes!