There is something about trail running that is inherently more fun than running on a sidewalk in a city.  Maybe it is something like getting in touch with our primal roots, bounding through the game trails, jumping from root to root . Or maybe it is just something different and the novelty of it was enough to make it fun.


Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod is an absolutely fantastic place to spend a week for the fitness enthusiast. Between swimming, biking and running trails, there is something for everyone. One day Ellie and I set out for a trail run around Little Cliff Pond. I figured it was a couple of miles all together, which was probably enough considering the difficulty of the terrain. I turned out to be about right. Going up and down the hills, and avoiding sliding down narrow paths with nice drop-offs towards the lake was incredibly fun but tiring.

Some trails are wider than others.

Some trails are wider than others.

Depending on which trail you follow (we did the Blue trail around Little Cliff), some can be wider and more accommodating to beginners and Equestrian tours. The blue trail was not. It was narrow, just one person wide with plenty of obstacles to jump around.


If you aren't brave enough for trail runs, I highly recommend walking on the beach. We walked for what seemed like quite a while, only to discover we went about a mile and a half. I love walking the beach with Ellie, who is always on the lookout for sea-glass.

With this years Cape adventure behind us, I think it's safe to say it was a total success. We are already looking forward to next year!