Buffalo's Delaware Park provides the perfect backdrop for a weekly frisbee game amongst friends. For the second summer in a row, 10-12 Canisius alumni and friends meet up for a friendly game of Ultimate. Fortunately there is ample space to play, even after being displace by a bunch of UB Bros getting their Bro on, on the soccer field we previously lay claim to.

Since starting to play Frisbee, I've worked it into my weekly exercise rotation. I typically count it as a sprint workout, though quantifying the two hours that we play is extremely difficult. Ultimate Frisbee, especially in a non-competitive pick-up style game, is characterized by water breaks, walking, and chatting with cherry-picking friends mid-game. The end-result workout experience can vary from week to week.

I finally had the bright idea to wear my garmin GPS watch last night, and I am amazed by the apparent accuracy that it produced.
frisbeeOver the 1:34 minutes of play, it recorded 4.18 miles travelled. The zig-zag map of my actions remarkably show the exact field we played on. You can even see my run off to the top left tree to pick up an arrant frisbee throw. I am blown away by its precision.

It is refreshing to know that I am covering some decent distance each Monday during frisbee. Though I'll take the overall recording with a grain of salt, as I'm sure its not 100% pinpoint accurate, I think it gives me a good indication of what I can expect to do.

pace As far as sustained sprinting workouts, I do approach 10mph quite a few times, so I guess it works, but by reviewing the log, I have to up my game for sure.