I've sat down and talked with a few people about the website as a whole, and as always I am looking for new and exciting things to try out and implement. One of the major goals has been to make the tracking system a bit more robust and mobile friendly. There are a couple of ways to do this, including native apps (ones that you install from google play and the apple store), or through a mobile website.

Undertaking a major overhaul of the mobile submission system requires a lot of planning and work, but it is something that I've wanted to do for a while. My decision though really comes down to mobile website, vs native apps. There are Pros and Cons to both, including code maintenance and design, going through the pain that is the apple app store etc ... Before I venture forth I want some feedback! Please click through the following questions to help me get a feel for what people are interested in.

The next major consideration that I have is for user authentication. I currently host a secure database with user credentials, but I feel that there are better options available. One of them being the use of OAuth, which would allow for linking with Facebook, Google accounts etc. Less usernames and passwords are always good right?

Keep in mind I would never make an app that "posts on my behalf" or any garbage like that. Just a login system only.

Thanks for the info in advance! Leave comments to discuss!