The saying is true. Twice I have travelled to Scranton to party, and twice I have had a blast.
ain-t-no-party-like-a-scranton-party-t-shirt_designAfter a long weekend, 560 miles of driving, 5 lbs gained, and more meat product consumed then I had eaten in the past several years combined,  I am back home recuperating from a great nerd weekend.

I have a couple of games to recommend for the board-game enthusiast, including Aquire, and Alhambra. After a couple of play-throughs of Acquire, and one solid game of Alhambra in which I came away victorious, I recommend playing both of these if given the opportunity.

Aquire :  You are essentially a hotel mogul playing the a stock market in the hopes of fantastic corporate mergers into larger hotel chains. The idea is to buy into new hotel chains that will take off and eventually be absorbed. Each new tile placed resets entire strategies making it a pretty involved game to play.

Alhambra: You are working to establish your own little desert oasis. By purchasing gardens, pavilions, chambers and towers, you build up your own little plot of land. There are quite a few addons to the game to vary up the play style, from thieves to "Jafar", which inject your turn at any given time.

Theres nothing like a solid nerd fest, though it is amazing to me to see the effects of getting older. This monday morning stupor is powerful.