I stumbled upon an article on NPR this morning discussing the use of Cricket Flour as a protein source. Like most americans, I immediately shuttered in disgust.

But then I got to thinking about it more. Realistically, compared to most of the crap that I eat on a daily basis, cricket flour is probably exponentially more healthy for me. I did a little bit more research on the idea of using insects as a food source, which I have heard come up more and more recently, and by all accounts it is a pretty standard occurrence across the world.


Globally, the use of insects as a food source is a fairly common occurance in much of the world, despite being taboo here in America. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations list that there are over 1900 edible insects. Clearly it is a valid source of fuel, so why not?

I am curious as to how many of you guys would be willing to eat a protein bar made of cricket flour? It would be nice and processed without any strange legs or tips, and probably indistinguishable from many other protein bars. Would the idea gross you out, or would you go for it?

For an interesting read, check out the DW article here, it breaks down the many benefits of eating insects. Perhaps we should start getting used to it! After all, eating insects is the cool thing to do, it is in our mainstream television culture now on Naked and Afraid, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman, and probably a dozen others.