This summer, a few players from the weekly Ultimate Frisbee group set up a Summer of Running group on Facebook. The idea was to set up a day once a week to all get together and go for a typically easy, fun run. After a couple of runs with them, and one scheduled for tonight, I love the idea of it and think everyone should be a part of a group like that.

There is something about running with friends, or even just with people in general that aren't a close friend or loved-one. There is a different dynamic at play, one that helps you push further, do more and complain less. Maybe it is the whole-peer pressure thing, but running in a group is just a different feeling then going it alone.

A week or so ago, we did a group run where I pushed the group to do a little bit more than they anticipated. We set out for a full 10k, which was twice the distance one person in the group had previously done. It was a calculated decision, and I knew he could do it. It was satisfying to see someone push, improve and accomplish.


I think one thing I want to do for this blog is to set up a time, even if it's just once a month where any 2FNSer can join up for a nice easy run with Ellie and I. The distance and speed aren't important, just the camaraderie and a chance to chat. If anyone is interested let me know, perhaps we can set up a time for early September.

For those of you not in Buffalo, I highly encourage you to try to meet up with a few friends and go for a easy run. Nothing hard or grueling, but just be social and active. It is totally worth it.