After being MIA for a little bit, I thought I owed you all an explanation. August has passed in an absolute whirlwind. After spending two weeks split between Cape Cod camping with the family, and Martha’s Vineyard with Jeff’s family (and Obama!), Jeff and I returned to Boston well-rested, well-fed, and ready to take on the exhausting week ahead. You see, a week after we returned to Boston, we were to pack up all of our stuff, load up a 16 foot moving truck, and drive said truck across New York, Western Pennsylvania, and Ohio to our new home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The week we returned to Boston was full of packing, sad goodbyes to the friends and home that had been built over the past six years, and excitement about our new adventure. I was exhausted before we even left Boston.

We decided to split up our move over a couple of days, because driving a 16 foot truck + a car carrier isn’t really the most fun thing in the world, not to mention you can only go about 55 mph. Luckily, we had some really great places to stay over our three-day adventure. First stop was Exeter, NH where we got to say goodbye to Jeff’s mom and unload some cargo onto her basement. After New Hampshire, we drove to Albany to spend the night with Mom and Dad, ate some salt potatoes, and got a fresh start in the morning. Our next stop was Buffalo (through Syracuse for pizza with Grandma and Grandpa) where Jon gave us a comprehensive driving tour of Buffalo, ate a great meal, and said goodnight to Niagara Falls. After breakfast with Jon the next morning, we got back in the truck we were now awfully used to and drove the remaining 350 miles to our new home. It took a while, especially because we stopped at IKEA on the way.


So here we are now, settled in (or at least getting there), and I realized that not only have I repeatedly broken my chain (three days a week of working out!), but I hadn’t run since one terrible attempt on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything, but I was starting to feel sluggish, lazy, and exhausted all the time. I haven’t been sleeping well (probably due to the nerves of moving), and I have been kind of cranky! Yesterday, Jeff forced me out of the house while he was painting our new walls, and told me not to come back until I had gone for a run.


So I went for my first run in Ann Arbor yesterday, and while I only went two miles, it felt good to get out there and remember that I can do it. We went for a run on the Vineyard where I had completely given up, was not having a good time, and was reduced to tears. It kind of shattered my confidence a little bit, and I guess I had been scared to run since. Yes, I have been busy lately, but not so busy that I couldn’t head out for a half hour to sweat a little. I was hiding behind moving as an excuse to not run, and let me tell you, my body paid the price. I felt terrible. So I am here, in Ann Arbor, unpacking slowly, and getting back out there. I have some ground to recoup on my half marathon training, but I know I can do it. It might not be pretty, but the next seven weeks will get me there.