I hate making excuses for not following through on what I want to get done. The blog has missed a couple days of posts here and there, and updates that I have planned have fallen behind. Things are generally a little bit more stagnant then what I would like.

Going into this fall I knew I'd be a little bit more busy because of the last semester of graduate school, and work has become steadily more demanding (which is great!). We have gotten crazy new technological updates in the lab to continue being on the cutting edge of technology. We just wrapped up training on a new NGS Sequencer, the illumina MiSeq, which is a baby version of the sequencer we currently run 24/7. Additionally we are also automating a lot of processes, which means big robots!

#Robot #Fun

#Robot #Fun

Personalized Medicine!

Personalized Medicine!

The one problem though is that I haven't been as active here, or really as active with fitness either. I think the end of summer is always difficult, but this year seems to be particularly difficult.

However, with all of that being said, I am excited for some upcoming events that  I need to get ready for!

Shea's 5K - September 21,  2014

A local buffalo race that I believe several of the Ultimate Frisbee players will be joining in on. I haven't run a race since the Boilermaker, so it might be the first time back in action. Hopefully I'll be good to go for that!

Boston Half Marathon - October 12th, 2014

Dad, Adrienne and Gracie are going to be running their first half-marathon in Boston. I am very excited for them, and wish them luck on wrapping up their training.

BuffaloRunners 10K - November 1st, 2014

A friend of mine just pointed this out to me yesterday. It is in the beautiful Chestnut Ridge Park, and it is to help raise money to support the local buffalo runners community website which keeps up a fantastically curated list of races and links to websites.

Additionally, a group of us try to meet at least every Tuesday  evening for a nice group run in the Elmwood Village. We are looking for some more warm bodies to take part, so leave a message if you would like to get involved.