This weekend turned out to be a pretty big success. The Buffalo Bills went into Chicago, and actually won. For those of you who do not know me or my family, we are pretty big Bills fans. My brother lives in Boston, and is a season ticket holder. He actually chronicles it here!

It is hard to be a Bills fan. Despite being ahead by 10 or more points, there is always a feeling of imminent failure.  But not yesterday, we actually won. The city of Buffalo heard shouts of joy from the rooftops. Only 15 more games to go . . .

The other success of this weekend was Terry's completion of the  NYC Century Bike Tour!


Not a bad ride at all! Congrats on getting it done, that is a serious distance.  Plus, I imagine that is an awesome place to do a full bike tour.



Anyways, I hope everyone else had a great weekend!