What started out as just an ordinary Tuesday in Buffalo rapidly became a very exciting day. While driving down the 290, already late for work, news broke on WGR550 that reports of Terry Pegula owning the Bills was a "done deal".


The immediate psychological response was a huge wave of relief. There was no more fear of losing the team to a Toronto based Bon Jovi group, whom we have  waged war against in every juke-box-containing-bar in the city.

If you haven't been to Buffalo recently, there is a certain feeling in the air. Honestly, living in Buffalo has felt . . . better. It isn't depressing anymore to tell people you are from Buffalo. There is pride, excitement and a tangible delight. Going downtown is legitimately fun to do, there are things to do, places to hang out and enjoy.  This place is alive.

Since Pegula took over the Sabres, major redevelopment has occurred downtown. He has invested hugely into the Cobblestone/Arena district, and major, major changes have happened on our waterfront.  Each and every day there are events, festivals, markets and concerts to take part in downtown. Hell, we even have  rock walls being built on our old grain silos.


Down at Canalside for Fourth of July

Down at Canalside for Fourth of July

Pegula's purchases  of the Bills solidifies are march back to relevancy by reinforcing the belief that Buffalo is coming back after many winters of hibernating.  Although the product on the field may take many more seasons to get back to a respectable quality, it almost doesn't even matter.


The Bills mean a lot to this region, and knowing that they will be here for many years to come feels good. I often joke to my wife that I'll have a hard time raising our kids Bills fans because of all the heartache, but when the time comes, I know it won't even be a question. They will be drenched in the Red and Blue, and Blue and Gold of Buffalo.