If anyone is lacking motivation, or haven't hit their stride in a while, go check out the post Erika wrote. She just hit the 100lbs lost mark, which is an incredible accomplishment. She writes:

Here is what a year and a half of grit, tough love, blood, sweat, tears, and 100 pounds off my shoulders have taught me:

  • There is no magic pill (sorry, Neo), no perfect shake, no fad diet, and no “quick” fix to substantial lasting weight loss. This is probably the most devastating thing I had to accept early on. It’s a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears (blood coming from my crazy rages during food cravings, of course).

I think to see first hand the absolutely stunning success that Erika has earned, each and every week at Frisbee , has been the single biggest source of inspiration that I have had since starting this whole fitness thing a few years ago. She has been a grinder, working her tail off each and every day. She reminds me why I run, why I sweat and why I crave to go out and pound some pavement.

Go show her some love at her blog,  she's earned it.