Formerly on Weigh-in Wednesdays we provided a chart with several people tracking their weight. We discontinued it some time ago in favor of the percentage lost-chart, because it was a bit easier to visualize, and the data table was much more manageable.

Unfortunately, I feel like it was quite a bit easier to hide week to week changes, in whatever padded percentages you had. Honestly, if you are at 5%  total lost, does 4.8% sound bad? No . . . but what does 5% even mean. Not really the clarity that I need.

Tomorrow I will be bringing back the weight-loss graph in the style similar to Adrienne's, for more people. I think having the cold, raw values for the world to see added a certain amount of accountability that the percentage chart doesn't bring.  My plan is to start with last weeks weight, and let whatever was in the past be the past. A fresh start for anyone and everyone who wants to get in on the game.

An example of what this would look like is the following:



For anyone who wants to join in on this graph, please leave a comment so I know who would like to take part. A couple of you will be included because of your previously expressed interest.

I think seeing your trend line go down week after week is a huge motivating force, and one that really helped me succeed. I am looking forward to having it reinstated!