Just a short post today, as I am dealing with an existential big-data crisis. To sum that up, we got a big grant to do some cool research and that means we have an absurd amount of data (5 petabytes...) going to be produced over the next few years... cool.

Lactose Free Ice Cream

I was shopping at America's favorite grocery store Wegmans on Monday when I came across an absolutely life-altering thing. Lactose-Free Vanilla Ice Cream. It wasn't lactose free in the sense it was a soy based, coconut based, almond based, crap based, taste-less based product. It was legit milk-based. This probably means some sort of chemical reaction took place to remove the levels of lactose down to a negligible level . . . but who cares it tasted good.

Ellie was awesome, and bought it for me by surprise, while she was making the absolutely fabulous Eat Fit Not Fat - Unfried Ice Cream. It once again turned out awesome, and was absolutely delightful to eat while brewing a Heffeweizen with friends.

It just made my day, so I thought I would share!