In honor of Buffalo Beer Week, I thought I'd quickly talk about my experience this past weekend at Resurgence Brewing, Buffalo's newest beer garden.

We went to Resurgence during their Experimental Kegs and Eggs event. Resurgence is located on Buffalo's recovering west side, which slowly but surely has been adding absolutely fantastic restaurants and offerings, including Martin Cook's, Suzy Q BBQ,  and Community Beer Works,  just to name a few.  The concept behind  Resurgence is an open-air Beer garden with a ware-house feel. As you drink, you can see the large fermentation tanks right in the same room. Traditionally limited food offerings, like Pretzel sticks, chips and guac make this place all about good beer, and hanging out with friends.

The experimental offerings, included Taste the Rainbow, which was Kölsch style beer with a tasty Skittles influence. They also had a nice Vanilla Cappuccino style Stout. The lucky-charms infused brew was not quite as expected, but I easily finished mine anyway.

I enjoyed the out-of-the-box offerings, although they were made specifically for that event. I imagine their normal offerings are much more in line with current beer culture, i.e IPA. 20140927_110914

It was a great experience, and we may even be featured on HGTV's Home Renovations show, which was curiously filming in the beer garden while we were day drinking at 11am.

Overall, it was a blast. We left Resurgence and followed it up with Blue Monk's Jack's Abby takeover, which featured 40+ taps of Jack's Abby beer.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

Buffalo Beer culture is growing, and it is growing fast. We now have:

  • Flying Bison
  • Resurgence Brewing
  • Big Ditch Brewing
  • Community Beer Works
  • Pearl Street Microbrew
  • New Buffalo Brewing

Not a bad offering, and every tour and place I've gone to has been fantastic.