Some weekends are laid back. Plenty of sports on T.V, maybe some leaves to rake or grass to mow. Nothing crazy planned, just kick back and relax after a long workweek.

I feel like those weekends don't really exist for most people. We are far to busy going to events, weddings, birthdays, work and social obligations . . . the vast majority of us rarely get to take a weekend off and chill out.

My co-worker proposed a lovely concept of "Restoberfest". One weekend in October is dedicated to a big tall stein of beer, some Wurst, and Käseoktoberfest5spätzle.  The concept is to not have any obligations; no plans. Nothing but some rest and relaxation. I would go so far to include a technology BAN too.

I would argue that it is a far better idea than celebrating Columbus Day, which has its many critics. For a full listing of all of the reasons why we should stop celebrating Columbus day, see The Oatmeal Comic. Instead, my vote is to directly swap in Restoberfest in it's place.

The point I'm trying to drive home is this: Christopher Columbus was awful.

He discovered the New World much like a meteorite discovered the dinosaurs.

I am not going to soapbox for the removal of a holiday, because I like holidays regardless of the reason for celebration. I feel like once you remove a holiday, employers would never be willing to put in place a new one, so I recommend a simple rebranding.

For the very slim minority who still celebrate Columbus Day, I hope you have a great weekend. For those of us who don't, happy Restoberfest!