Last winter my sister and her friend made a pact to complete the B.A.A Distance Medley. The distance medley is a 5k, 10k, and half marathon sponsored by the Boston Athletic Association, who also sponsor the Boston Marathon. Upon hearing that Adrienne had registered, my dad quickly followed suit, wanting to show his support for her.

They conquered both the 5k and 10k back in April and June respectively. They made it look easy. Adrienne worked hard and got it done, and my dad was there to support her. Grab the tissues cause it was beautiful.

Unfortunately, Adrienne  and Gracie both had some issues that prevented them from finishing the medley, but on Sunday morning, my Dad lined up, and got it done.



At mile 2, he was going probably blasting some sort of italian music in his headphones . . . which was probably a good thing. I would have been worried if I had gotten a message stating otherwise.

With great support from onlookers, and a trip to the Zoo, he finished strong.

IMG955276 IMG_1117The most amazing thing to me is that my Dad has some sort of mental strength that I've never known about. Despite not training as much as I think he would have liked to, he still went out and absolutely crushed the longest distance he's ever set out to do. Not once did I ever hear him say  anything negative about the race, about his preparation, about how he felt going in. He knew he could do it, set out and got it done.

IMG951119Congratulations on finishing Dad, you are very inspiring to everyone.