Around this time last year, my brother informed me of an event that involved picking up a light-weight spouse, and running down a course to win her weight * 5 in beer.

I seriously wish I had remembered this was a thing, because that sounds like an absolute blast. Sadly, we missed it this year, as this weekend was the North American Championship at Sunday River.


These types of events, be it a wife-carry, run for your life from zombie runs, tough-mudders, color runs, and inflatable 5ks seem to be popping up everywhere you look.  It is amazing to see just how many different ideas/gimicks people can come up with.

Ellie and I have been trying to plan out our strategy for the rest of the fall and winter, as we have been falling short of our fitness goals. With Frisbee wrapping up for the year due to 6pm sunsets, the idea of heading back into the gym without our sights set on an event seems like a waste.  That being said, after the amount of money we spent racing last year, it has been nice to avoid the $50 fees to run most races . . .

Does anyone have any fun races lined up for the fall or winter? We'd love to sign up for something fun!