Last week I got to watch my Dad run a Half Marathon. I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined my family would turn into half-marathon-running superstars. It's amazing! Being in the stands at the finish line at the Half was bittersweet. I was incredibly happy to be there, given my recent move half way across the country. I was excited to watch my dad finish the race and I was proud to hold up the sign that my mom and I made. All the same, it was hard to be there because I had my bib for the same race in my handbag. My bib that didn't cross the start line, and would later prompt an email from the Boston Athletics Association asking me to complete a survey about why I didn't run.

Due to a hairline fracture in my left foot, I was unable to run the B.A.A Half Marathon with my dad. Gracie, who trained her heart out and was really the most ready to run, came down with the flu the night before the race, and decided it was in her health's best interest to sit that one out. The Distance Medley that the three of us started came down to my dad, running 13.1 for himself and for all of us. It was a difficult day, but despite my disappointment at my lack of participation, attending those events is always inspiring. I left Franklin Park in Boston that day knowing I will run a half marathon. (Although perhaps not as soon as Gracie, she signed up for a race this coming weekend in Ashland, MA. If you're in the area, go cheer her on!)


When I got back to Michigan I sat on the couch for 5 days, and then went out and got a gym membership. I've had a hard time being active since moving. My schedule has been disrupted, and my lack of a full time job (combined with my foot injury) has shifted my priorities from fitness to cover letters. But listening to myself make excuses reminds me that motivating yourself to get active is never easy. Maintaining fitness is just as hard as getting going for the first time. But my foot feels fine now, and I need to get going again before I gain back the 20 pounds I lost this year drinking my weight in lattes at my part-time barista gig.

If you have fallen off the wagon just like I have, now is the time to get back on. I know my lack of exercise has made me feel crazy, lazy, and incredibly bored. I don't feel like myself, and I know working out again will make me feel amazing. Working out will probably make you feel amazing too, so get outside tonight and go for a walk. Or go for a run. Or a bike ride, or a swim, or run up and down your stairs for a while. Just get up and I'll see you out there.