I too returned to the gym this week, much like my mother and sister. It has been a long time since I've worked out with any regularity to a  multitude of reasons, and it was finally time. Despite having to return back into the house several times for headphones, gym cards, keys and every other possible thing we forgot to grab in order to work out, we finally made it.

On our way, I realized that Monday Night Football on ESPN was on. I was very excited, because last year we cut the cable-cord on our expensive packages for basic broadcast tier. I.E - No ESPN/ NFL Network / MSG for Sabres games. I love watching hockey while working out, the amount of action in the game naturally captures my attention. I thought Football would have been the same way, but boy was I mistaken.

After fifteen minutes on the treadmill, I was absolutely blown away at just how boring football is.  Even watching Fitzpatrick toss touchdowns and J.J Watt dominating, I grew bored with the constant commercials and the 2 minutes in between plays. I guess I never realized just how slow watching football really is.

Credits : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/110127153363578476/

Credits : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/110127153363578476/

After a solid half-hour on the treadmill, I hoped off and spent a while stretching my ever-so-sore left hip area. Football was perfect for this activity . . . low and slow.

Considering the popularity of the NFL in this country, I wish there were ways to speed up the game. Either being less strict on penalties, lowering the play-clock, not taking television time outs, or whatever . . . something should be shaken up to make it a little bit more exciting.

Maybe I'll start participating in the football workout program.  That's a guaranteed 4 hours+ of working out.