I got a gym membership at the local YMCA last weekend, and so far this week I have gone every day. I've been swimming, trying to get my lap times back to where they were when I was swimming every day a couple years ago. I've also been spending some time on the stationary bike, because as my foot is still recovering, I thought it would be good to turn up the resistance and building some strength in my legs until I can run again. The one thing I have learned this week is that the stationary bike is boring. Like, really boring.


Yesterday after my swim I was so bored by the idea of sitting on the stationary bike, that I decided to play with fire and walk on the treadmill. After about three minutes of walking on the treadmill, I turned up the speed and started jogging. I figured if my foot started to hurt, I would just stop it, and then I would know that it's not ready yet. I jogged for 10 minutes, and my foot felt just fine! I walked after that, because I am out of shape, but I'm really excited to know that my foot is definitely ready to try running again.

I'm going to start slow, maybe intervals of walking and jogging until I am confident that my foot isn't going to be mad at me. But after 6 weeks off my foot, I have been going stir crazy. Time to run! Time to train! Time to set a goal and work towards it. I'm beyond excited and ready for the challenge of working back up to running a 5k, 10k, and even that half marathon.

I'm going to go out for a run this afternoon and see what I can do. It would be awesome to be able to run a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving. Who's with me?