It has become apparent to me that we could all use a little bit of a boost before the holidays. I think several of us have felt a little under-motivated, so I think it is time to kick it into gear for a good old fashioned 2 Fat Nerds challenge.

Final Goal :  300 miles

As a team, over the course of November (Between November 1st to the 30th) we will collectively walk and run (treadmills included) a total of 300 miles. The breakdown I would like to shoot for (in order to ease into the challenge) is the following:

  • Week 1 : 50 Miles
  • Week 2 : 75 Miles
  • Week 3:  75 Miles
  • Week 4 : 100 Miles

In October, we collectively managed 225 miles. I think that with a bit of effort and some people really stepping up and getting back into form, we should be able to accomplish that.

I understand that some people enjoy biking, swimming and various other activities, and I hope to start a challenge targeted towards those in the future.  If running and walking is really not your thing, that is okay, there will be a future challenge for you. In the meantime, feel free to offer encouragement to those who are taking part!

Stretch Goal of 400 Miles

Should we hit 400 miles by the end of this month, as a special incentive, I will live-stream myself doing a blog-voted fitness video (Ellie votes Yoga Booty Ballet). However, there is one caveat - if I am the mileage leader for the team, and we hit the stretch goal, two members of the team have to do the video with me, in true 1990s fitness video fashion.