Last week I went public about my bagel-crisis. I've sworn off of them for the month of November, citing my growing health concerns. I promised to the world that I would not purchase, nor eat any.

I had a dream in which I broke my promise. I ate two delicious cinnamon raisin bagels smothered in cream cheese, and I suspect they were from Dunkin Donuts judging by the perceived texture. I'm not 100% certain on this fact though, as I was in fact asleep.

I think even more amazing though is that I actually woke up feeling incredibly guilty, confused, and upset. I felt like I somehow cheated on my pledge, despite not actually eating anything. Somehow dreaming about them was enough to be completely devastating.

To dream of seeing or tasting a bagel represents something that is not completely fulfilled in your life. You do not feel full-fledged.

I agree dream-interpreters, my life is not full-fledged. I am without Bagels. Only ten days into this challenge and I am already feeling the pressure.