Buffalo is known for three things. Loosing 4 Super Bowls, chicken wings, and snow. Today, we reaffirmed the latter stereotype in record breaking fashion.


Credits: Mark Branden

The Lake Effect line coming off lake erie, just narrowly missing the city. Credits: Mark Branden

Over 881 organizations closed their doors and cancelled their programs, yet UB and Canisius carried on the tradition of disregarding weather. They said F. U  to the Lake Erie Monster, and remained open, despite the three to four feet of snow dumped on most southern townships.

[West Seneca] has 22 plows on the road, but 10 of them are bogged down in the heavy snow. The town has called for high lifts, and is getting some help from Union Concrete.


As a people, we know what to do though. In the wise words of our late, great Mayor Jimmy Griffin:

“Stay inside, grab a six-pack and watch a good football game”