One of my most recent app installs on my Android is a beer tracking app called Untapped. Its slogan, Drink Socially,  is a pretty good indication of what this app is about. When you drink a beer, snap a photo, give it a rating, and post to your friends. Pretty simple concept that relies solely on the execution of the app to make it work.


What I Like

As stated above, the app is extremely simple to use. Have a beer, think about how it tastes, and snap a picture of it if you want. I haven't yet hit a beer that isn't in their database.

The interface itself is pretty straightforward as well. It is well planned out, and there isn't a ton of options or screens that can confuse the user. I like that it has built in camera filters, for that artistic glamour shot of my labatt blue.

I do like that it doesn't push anything to facebook, and there hasn't been any unnecessary spam from what I've seen. I also believe that it has a pretty strong backend-api for brewery's to review who is drinking their beers, from where. I think that is an awesome feature (and how they make their money I assume).

 What I Don't Like

Screenshot_2014-11-24-12-26-10I wish you could rate individual aspects of the beer . . . like taste, smell, visual appeal, mouthfeel etc. This would be similar to how normal beer rating systems work. I think that would be a good way to get people to be more critical than just a 1 to 5 scale.

Integrating it with facebook is kind of amusing. I get to see what my friends are drinking and where. Some of them blow me away with the amount of variety, while others have stuck to the tried and true macro-brews like PBR, Bud and  Blue. Whatever floats your boat I guess!

Overall this is a pretty cool, simple app that accomplishes exactly what it is supposed to do without trying to do way to much. It really is just this: Record your beer, share it with your friends, and get praised for drinking beer.  How could you go wrong?

My rating: 4/5