There is nothing more delicious than quality bulk foods at discount prices. Bags of kraft-cheese (they never give you enough in the little packets #dontJudgeMe), unlimited amounts of sour patch-kids and tasty little red and blue hockey players are incredibly difficult to put down.

Last night I hit #rockBottom after consuming a vast quantity of candy, for the second day in a row. I threw out a whole bag of canadian runts (they suck anyway) while in the midst of the worst sugar-induced headache. I felt like I was literally going to have a heart-attack.

The funny thing is, I know how bad eating garbage like that is for you. I know how bad it screws up your metabolism, how bad it is for your cells who aren't evolutionary evolved to handle the influx of cheap energy. On top of that, I know first hand how bad it makes me feel after eating it.

It is hard to stop.

Ellie yells at me and tells me to stop going back into the candy jar. But as long as their is candy in the jar, I will keep going back. Every time I go to the kitchen, I grab a handful.

I am actually addicted to sugar.

I know I have an addictive personality by nature. I go all in on whatever I find interesting. Sometimes it is constructive, like when I am training for a big race. Sometimes it is not, like when I get back into games like World of Warcraft and abandon all responsibility because I am busy grinding out dungeons for gear.

I need to swing back into fitness, into an active lifestyle and eating healthy all the time. No more Binge Wednesday, no more candy and cookies, or cookies with candy.

I've been feeling like garbage and I only have myself to blame.