Christmas came early, in the form of a fun new computer at work. I've been using the same workstation for the past five years, and though it is very powerful, it's age has started to show recently. Tasks that used to be trivial started to take more and more time, and rebooting took a full day.

Enter new computer, a server on steroids. The only issues is . . .  it had to have a fresh install of everything including a reset of the raid controller and a complete OS reinstall.

Two days later, and I am still struggling to get the OS installed properly. I settled on Debian, which is a flavor of linux that is popular in our building. Several of our analysis machines already run it, so i figured why screw with what works.

I am by all accounts not a system administrator. Though I can install the odd-package that we need for analysis, the land of raid controllers and operating systems really isn't in my wheelhouse.




This job can be pretty frustrating when things don't work. After two days of screwing around and wasting time I can safely say I don't envy people who do this for a living.