I have a confession. I have been playing World of Warcraft again. My jerk friends all got back in, and like the leming that I am, joined up.

In my defense, Blizzard has made the game absolutely awesome again. They stripped out a ton of the garbage that made it a complete life-sync, and made it a lot more accessible for the "casual" player. That being said, I need to combat the inevitable 10 lbs that comes with playing this stupid game.

As I was playing last night, I got to thinking about game design and what motivates me as a player to go out and slog through the dozens of quests required to hit max level. In 6.0 Blizzard did a great job of adding extra incentives and random side distractions to break up the grind. For example, they've added many more roving "rare" creatures that give good loot, though they are slightly harder to beat.

Then, feeling guilty for not running last night, I thought about ways of making the blog less of a grind, and fitness in general. What are ways to spice up every day runs or sessions in the gym. What are fun things we could do to make it exciting?

2 Fat Nerd Quests

I propose each week, or at a some-what random interval, I will post a Quest for people to complete (with picture evidence!). It will involve random difficult things like taking a picture of a bicycle wearing all yellow, or snapping a selfie at the gym of you on an exercise-bike. You can share to facebook, or instagram, and voila, quest complete.

I think gameification of fitness would make it A.) Way more nerdy B.) Way more fun.

So, with that -- Quest Number 001

Tweet, Post to Facebook, or Instagram @2FatNerds a picture of your typical workout place. Either your gym, park where you run, or living room! 

For me, this would be in Buffalo's parkway system. I love running through the tree-lined boulevards and through Delaware park.

You must include the statistics from your workout as well, including workout type, duration and the usual things submitted!

Please also include the hashtag #2FNSQuest001