We didn't post much last week due to the holidays, and all that they entail . . . Sorry! Hopefully this week is better, though with the New Year's arrival I make no promises!

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.17.21 PMDriving across the state of New York and back is always fun and fortunately we had good weather to do so this year. I must admit though, I didn't necessarily behave myself in terms of food. I immediately had a plate of delicious Gold Key Chinese food upon my arrival in Albany, shortly after having a make-up Christmas dinner with my grandma in Utica.

However, the gauntlet was thrown down when I opened up one of my gifts from Mike and Suz. In a small package can a big challenge, registration for the Buffalo Half Marathon. We had talked about it back and forth, but now its game on.

Fortunately I have about five months to get back into shape, a daunting task after this Christmas binge. But it is doable, and I am excited for the challenge.

This year I would love others to join us in running the race, they have all sorts of options, like a marathon relay for those not ready for a full half marathon. Join in and if we have enough people maybe we could throw a big 2FNS post-race party!