Adrienne pointed out yesterday how much more rewarding going to the gym is with another person.  I couldn't agree more with her assessment.

On Wednesday I got home from work, with every intention of hitting the gym a little later in the evening. After dinner, and a t.v show or too, I had found my willpower fading quickly. Ellie was under the weather and was not planning on going, so it was up to me. I found myself sitting down at the computer for a likely evening ending gaming session. Despite my intentions of going to the gym, it was cold out and I wasn't going.

And then Pat stepped in. Almost perfectly timed with me loading into the game, he popped on and promptly inquired as to if I had already gone to the gym and worked out. After arguing with him for a little while, using choice expletives directed at him for ruining my conscience, I ended up going for an hour.

After running the blog for the past few years now, I've seen and talked to a lot of people working on getting into regular exercise routines. I know how helpful it is to have someone pushing you, someone who is not your spouse or sibling or parent. Someone who has a vested interest in you going out and getting things done. It is absolutely game changing to have someone there to slap the cookie out of your hand.

This blog is all about accountability, and though I was disgruntled, I appreciate Pat calling me out and keeping me going. It was just what I needed.