I played my first ever hockey pick up game on Saturday! Ellie has been encouraging me to take the plunge and go for it, and after receiving a stick for Christmas and an open invitation to play from Phil and Sam, it was finally time to go for it.

It was an absolute blast. With my brand new skates and stick, and all the borrowed equipment that Phil had to offer, I suited up and took the ice. We only had one substitute, so after two hours of skating, my legs were absolutely killing me. So worth it.

I learned that I am not horrible at skating, though I have a lot of work to do to be competitive in a league. I also learned that despite the best set up for a one-timer, I need to work on my coordination.


Perfect pass to me in pink, SWING!


And a miss. I completely whiffed on the puck.

I did end up scoring one goal on a fortuitous bounce off the goalie which I was able to finish off, which I will take for my first time out on the ice!

The pick-up game was great all around. The guys were all pretty cool to play with and very accommodating for new players. I will totally be going again for the next pick up game!